How much mail can you process?

Arrowmail is a large volume specialist. In our 52,000 sq. ft. facility we can handle any size project from its design, print, complete letter shop and mailing. As a Certified Bulk Mail Entry (BMEU) unit, we have an on-site Post Office Representative who clears the mail for shipping without stopping at the Post Office. We solve all your marketing needs under one roof.

How does Arrowmail ensure top quality service?

Since 1990, we are family owned and operated with over 80 employees, many of whom have been with us since the early years. Investments in the newest technology from Xerox and Kodak printers to CASS certifications and NCOA software and highest quality optical readers in multiple letter and flat barcoders gives us the edge in competitive pricing and efficient automation.

How about security?

Our facility has automated access control, digital and video inside and outside and security guards. Our on sight generator provides electricity for 100% of our facility and processing equipment. We have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan and act as continuity plan solutions for large businesses. All our pick-up and delivery trucks are company owned and maintained with uniform drivers. We strive to meet all HIPAA security requirement protocols and process data transfers on individual client folders through our secured servers.

When does the Mail go out?

We pride ourselves in keeping our promises to the client. Mail is usually processed and delivered to the Unites States Post Office the same day it is received from the client.

What is the most inexpensive way to mail my companies’ messages?

The most cost effective way to mail your message is with a postcard. It must be rectangular in shape and measure at least 3 ½” height x 5’ width x 0.007’ thick and no larger than 4 1/2” height x 6” width x 0.0016” thick.

What are the benefits of direct mailing?
  • Ability to make a more personalized, one-on one contact with potential or existing clients
  • Increased ROI by targeting a more specific audience
  • Easily measure results
Do I need to provide a mailing list?

Yes you can but, we can provide you with a mailing list that will be created specifically for the demographic or geographic requirements you may need.

Can I customize my mailing piece?

Yes, we can apply variable data in various areas to make each piece different in color, font size, font color and even an image can be changed.

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