Work Smarter, Not Harder !

Published August 14th, 2015 by Unknown


Managing your time throughout the day will help you become a mindful employee. Many can say there isn't enough time in the day to complete everything on your "to-do" list. But if you focus on your strengths and evaluate how you work, you can create an efficient working strategy and complete more tasks with ease.

5 Key Tips to Working Smarter, Not Harder:


At the beginning of your day take some time to evaluate everything you need to accomplish. Assess what needs to be done. Create for yourself a strategy that allows you to execute the tasks for the day. Figure out how your work will impact your team, customers, and of course yourself. This helps enforce the importance of your job. Lastly, focus on how you will complete these tasks with your skills, experience, and capabilities. Use all of these to begin your day it will help you organize and prioritize the goals for the day.


No one can actually predict how the entire work day will flow. There is always a co-worker who may talk too much, or someone who plays music too loud. The internet doesn't help either, we all know that social media can distract us from continuing to work. So throughout your day be mindful that these are the distractions that lay ahead of you. Know that if you have important work to complete, try to steer clear from that which may disrupt you. 


If a co-worker asks for your help on some commitment and you know that you are not interested and/or don't have the time to complete it, then learn to say NO. Spend more of your time on the engagements that matter to you because you will learn more from it and will not be wasting your time. Also if you know that you're super busy, it is okay to decline certain opportunities. Don't fill your time up with commitments that are not worth while - you will not be able to complete everything and you'll be working on overload. 


There are times when you will look at your "to-do" list and become overwhelmed by the amount of work that lays ahead of you. Do not worry about the entire list. Put your entire focus on the one task before you. Get that done in its entirety and spend less time worrying about everything else. This will help you complete the task to the best of your ability and you will spend less time fixing a mistake you could have made because you were too focus on your massive "to-do" list.


In between your tasks make sure to take some time for yourself. Standing up, getting a drink of water, listening to music, or going for a walk are just some examples of what you can do during this breaking period. It's important to be able to breathe in between tasks. It will allow you to focus better on your next task at hand, on top of being able to better appreciate the work you are doing.

Try implementing these tips into your daily life. Figure out what works and what's best for you, use that to create your very own routine. Continue to asses, evaluate, and experiment through these tips to help formulate a better, more efficient day.

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