Why You Should Still Use Direct Mail Campaigns

Published August 3rd, 2015 by Unknown


Today everyone is very technologically savvy and can handle most of their businesses marketing online. In this digital-based marketing such as social media campaigns or online advertising it can be easy to construct but difficult to manage and track the marketings results. Therefore why not try something that you can guarantee will make it to your targeted consumer. Why not try creating your own Direct Mail Campaigns?

1. Guaranteed to be Touched : The wonderful thing about Direct Mailers is that they are guaranteed to make it into the hands of your potential consumer. Whether they look at it once, twice, or three times they are still physically holding the ad which is more than a digital ad can do. This guarantees a personal touch to your potential customer.

2. Hire a Designer : You only have a certain amount of time to capture the attention of your potential customers. A well designed mailer can go a long way in the efforts to achieving that second glance. Working with a graphic designer can help the creativity and concept of your mailer go a long way - who knows maybe the potential customer will even keep the card as a reminder!

3. Targeted Customer : The best way to send out a Direct Mail Campaign is through a targeted list. You can have your in-house list which is a list of your current clients and/or purchase a list that is demographically targeted. These options are better than doing Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) because your able to set parameters to your list unlike EDDM which just saturates a certain zip-code. The point of the targeted list is to get your mailer into the hands of the right potential customers.

4. Drive Online Engagement : Your website is an extension of your company. It will almost always be looked at before a potential customer will call to ask for services. So it is very important that you drive your potential customers to your website. Direct Mail campaigns can help this happen with tools like QR Codes and Call to Actions will entice your viewers to check out your website, therefore assisting them in their decision making process of why they should hire you.

5. High Impact : In order for you to see the effects of your marketing efforts with Direct Mail Campaigns is through consistency on all platforms. For the highest response rate, integrating this method with other marketing efforts will be the best route. The companies that see the highest response rate send out a series of mailings. Those that produce Direct Mailing Campaigns send out mail once a month at least.

Once all of these tips have been followed, perfecting your direct mail campaigns will become easier. This type of marketing tool allows for adjustments and improvements. With every result there is a chance to update your campaign strategies through design, message, offers, and targeting. When this is understood the mailings become easier to analyze and your company can thrive on your new response rates. Arrowmail Corporate Services is here to serve and we would love the opportunity to help you out on your next Direct Mail Campaign.

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