Safety & Security is Key

Published October 7th, 2016 by Unknown


Safety is a Top Priority here at Arrowmail Corporate Services! We want all our clients to know that we take storms and hurricanes very seriously and that our work and your jobs are important too! Maintaining certain procedures help us keep a high level of security through storms and hurricanes.

For the past three days we were in constant alert regarding Hurricane Matthew. Arrowmail took the appropriate precautions in keeping our employees, facility, and jobs protected. Each department had all its machinery unplugged and covered as to protect from any water damage. All computers and machines were turned off after backing up information and files - then they were unplugged. Along with that the entire warehouses power was turned off as to not start any electrical issues with rain and power. Once we heard from the Post Office that they were shutting down around 11 am we told our employees the same and made sure everyone was out of the building safely in order to make it home before the storm hit.

We want our clients and friends to know we take these measures seriously. It is always better to prepare ahead of time and take all precautions to ensure safety. We are happy to report, today we are back in business and officially running everything, its business as usual. We hope everyone is safe and out of harms way through this hurricane.

If you have any questions regarding our security protocols please call 305.591.0024 or email us at

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