Recapture 2016

Published December 30th, 2016 by Unknown

This past year Arrowmail Corporate Services has made many new advances. It is always important to review the past year in business to see what went well and where to better perfect things. So Let's recapture all the wonderful things Arrowmail has achieved in 2016!

New Investment in Technology - We invested and updated our Invoicing and Statements systems. Our clients can set up the invoices they send to their client through us. They can also arrange for their Statements to be sent through this system as well. These come along with many new features such as: Tracking, Client Portals, Archived Statements & Invoices, Sending SMS messages, Email Alerts, and the option to Go Paperless.

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Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) - This year we got accepted into the WBENC. We are proud to announce that Arrowmail Corporate Services is a certified business that is owned, controlled, and operate by women!

Expanded Printing Department - Our Printing Department is always expanding but our software has changed for an even quicker workflow between the transferring of design and data files to our printing departments.

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Expanded Packaging Services - Send more with Arrowmail and receive the highest discounts out there through our latest Champ system.

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Created Re-Heart Cards: Re-Heart Cards is a division of Arrowmail Corporate Services - that is officially open for everyone to shop online and order their very own Holiday, New Years, Graduation, and Birthday Cards. Visit today and Order Now!

Growing Hand-in-Hand with our Customers - Our success goes hand in hand with our clients success! We are proud of our success and couldn't be where we are without the success of our clients. We thank all you for your loyalty and dedication throughout the years and we look forward to working with you in 2017!

Miami Herald Business Monday Interview - We were honored to be featured in the Miami Herald Business Monday. To view the article click on the links below!

Coming Soon in 2017 New Template Portals - There is a demand for design templates to be available and for clients to have easier access.  Therefore we are working now on Template Portals and Design for our clients.  Our new online Template Portals will give clients mailers that are easy for them to modify and order. Template Portals will be Coming Soon for our Clients. We are very excited about this new service and can't wait to see what everyone says about it. Please stay tuned for the Template Portal Launch date! 

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