Print Marketing Materials Are Especially Beneficial to B2B Companies: Here's Why

Published June 17th, 2020 by Devteam

Are you looking for different ways to diversify your marketing strategies? Today's modern marketplace might make you feel the urgency to develop online tactics the most.

However, it's the offline marketing tactics, or print marketing tactics, that create a well-balanced marketing plan.

There are many different benefits that your company can receive when it uses more print marketing strategies. Knowing what those are can help you establish a long-term course of action.

See below for several reasons why print marketing materials are such an important part of any B2B marketing plan. Be sure to consider all of these benefits as you devise a plan!

Builds Your Brand

Clients in today's world only want to work with brands that are well-established in the marketplace.

If your marketing strategy has both online and offline strategies, then your brand is getting more exposure and touchpoints with each client. They might see an ad of yours on Youtube, then come across a piece of collateral at a local shop or sales event.

The more times they see your company's advertisements, the more brand recall you're building with that client. To make a sale, studies show a customer needs to see the ad at least three times – consistency is key!!

Print marketing is especially important in brand recall because it establishes your brand's personality. Everything from the content on your collateral to the colors that you use will send a message that will resonate with each prospect.

Simply put, print marketing is the glue that puts your entire branding approach together. The more of it that you have, the more defined and personable that your brand becomes.

Cost-Efficient Marketing Materials

These days you'll be hard-pressed to find a marketing resource or advertising space that's cost-efficient for your business. Online agencies know how high the demand is for ads these days, and they'll charge you for it.

Meanwhile, print marketing is still as budget-friendly as ever. Unlike online ads, you can purchase print marketing materials in bulk. That way, you can stockpile your collateral and have them ready for any occasion.

Things such as sales brochures, business cards, catalogs, store signs, and mail postcards can all be purchased at a bulk discount. When you run out, it's as easy as sending the same PDF to be printed off once again.

There's no rise or fall in pricing. The bulk pricing that you receive for your sales brochures will be as much today as it will be tomorrow, and the days after that.

As long as you find a trusted print marketing service to work with, you'll always be happy with the results.

Customization With Speed

Print marketing pieces come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. You need to work with a print marketing company that can accommodate all of them.

Your need for print material customization will change depending on the upcoming events and sales initiatives on your schedule. Only a printing company with superior speed can meet that demand.

For example, one day you might need 200 sales brochures printed off for a sales convention that your company has a station. The next day, you might need 100 business cards for each employee to attend a local networking event.

Heck, you might even run into a situation where you have a printing need that you didn't realize within a tight window. Like sending a direct mail campaign and realizing you need 500 custom envelopes created within a day or two.

Less Crowded Advertising Opportunities

Online customers, whether they realize it or not, have hundreds of ads pushed in front of them on a day to day basis. The odds of them focusing on your ad, rather than the hundred others that they've seen that day, are razor-thin.

In today's world, people focus more on the content that they read on print marketing more than any digital content. Why? because it's right in front of them.

A well-structured online ad isn't as impressive as a high-quality sales brochure or catalog. The customer can feel it in their hands. They can hold the advertisement for themselves.

The time and effort that it takes to develop that beautiful piece of collateral will not go unnoticed by your prospects. So much so that they might feel guilty throwing it away.

Instead, they'll hold onto the print marketing pieces that you give them for a day when they need your services. When that day comes, you'll be the first company they call.

It Embraces the Community

If there's one thing that B2B clients are deathly afraid of, it's investing in one of "the big boys" for their needs. They'd much rather work with a local business that they can build a unique relationship with.

Print marketing brings that community marketing to the forefront. By using things like business cards, you're encouraging your employees to get out into the local business scene and network.

The more print marketing tactics that you use, the easier it will be for local B2B prospects to find you. Once they do, they're looking to build a long-term business relationship between your company and their company.

Invest in Print Marketing Materials for Your Brand Today

Now that you've seen all the different ways you can benefit from using print marketing materials in your marketing plan, it's time to stock up.

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