Print Isn't Dead: Top Reasons Why Businesses Need Printed Marketing Materials

Published February 28th, 2020 by Devteam

You've probably heard that print is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Print is NOT dead!

Despite today's digital-heavy world, print marketing is enjoying a revival. Mail order catalogs, once considered as outdated marketing dinosaurs, are making a comeback and have been steadily increasing since 2015. After being bombarded with digital ads and messaging, consumers welcome receiving a well-designed catalog, postcard, or personal thank you card in the mail.

So, if you're a business owner looking to target and make a great impression with customers, while cutting through the online clutter, read on. Here are several compelling reasons why your business needs printed marketing materials.

Print is Physical

Even though mobile devices and e-readers are here to stay, that doesn't mean your customers can't appreciate the feeling of holding something physical in their hands.

Over two-thirds of Americans read a print magazine over 30 days. More than half read at least two publications. There's nothing more attractive than holding a tangible piece of paper in your hands, compared to information that you have to scroll past online.

Make printed materials about your business available in your lobby or at your trade show booth and watch them run out quickly. Make sure to keep packs of presentation materials to hand to your clients as well. People like having a physical printed piece at their fingertips where they can refer to more information.

People Trust Print Marketing

Of all the types of advertising available, 76% of people trust direct mail ads and catalogs when making a buying decision over other marketing channels.

And these people surveyed were also U.S. internet users. That makes a compelling case for including printed branding in your marketing budget. Only printed magazine and newspaper ads and TV commercials came out ahead of direct mail.

Thanks to this high level of trust, print marketing materials—including business cards and thank you notes—can increase your sales.

Print Has Staying Power

People tend to hang onto printed materials, particularly if they offer valuable information. They will turn to a handy direct mail piece versus looking up information online. For example, if you run a pizza shop, consider creating an eye-catching door hanger menu with your contact information that customers can hang on their fridge door.

Print advertising has the potential to be seen by recipients many times in the future. By contrast, an online advertising campaign will only run as long as you're paying for it. Even then, digital ads tend to get overlooked, or they may only display for a few seconds on a site.

You can't control how long people will hold onto your printed marketing piece. But at least you know they can view it again and again. Others may also see it in their household or office.

Print Helps People Absorb Information Better

Research shows that people who read text on paper can comprehend it better than reading it on a computer screen. This may be because people tend to skim digital text and miss out on some words. They also recall printed information better, whereas digital text fades from memory because so much of it is read by scrolling on a device.

So, if you have facts, figures, data, and other vital information to show your customers, consider using printed marketing pieces.

Consumers Love Direct Mail

Consumers love direct mail more than some businesses may realize. Nearly six in ten Americans say they enjoy learning about new products through something they receive in the mail. This can be a catalog, brochure, postcard, or other direct mail marketing pieces.

Considering that emailing and texting have become preferred methods of communication compared to mailing a letter, there's something special about receiving something in the mail. You can also personalize direct mail with variable data by including the recipient's name on it—something you can't do with online advertising. This is just one reason why your company should invest in it.

Print is Less Annoying Than Online Ads

Let's face it: most of us find online ads annoying. It doesn't help that digital marketing agencies have developed many ways of displaying them that can make us hate them even more.

From pop-ups to page takeovers, online ads can be disruptive. For this reason, many people will install ad blocking software on their devices, in which case these advertising messages won't be seen at all.

Print marketing is considered far less annoying than online advertising. It may take up space in a customer's mailbox, but it's not splashing across their computer screen and interrupting them while they're trying to read something. And as already noted, a well-designed printed marketing piece can attract attention and is even welcomed by many consumers.

Print Provides More Room to Get Your Message Across

Online ads restrict the amount of space you have to promote your brand. Printed pieces, on the other hand, offer you a lot more flexibility and real estate. You can make an impact or include more information whether you put your message on a postcard, sheet, or poster versus in a website banner ad.

Print is perfect if you want to list the benefits of using your product or service, include a recipe, or cite studies and research to back up your business. Online ads can't accommodate this amount of information. Print provides a more significant opportunity to get creative with your messaging and branding.

Printed Marketing Isn't Going Away

As you can see, there are many benefits of using printed marketing pieces to reach your customers and make a lasting impact. You don't have to replace all of your digital marketing efforts with printed branding, but it can certainly work in harmony with other channels and be a powerful piece of your entire promotional campaign.

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