Prepare For Summer Storms

Published July 25th, 2015 by Unknown


Have you ever had a summer storm disrupt the natural work-flow at the office? Now-a-days we have technology that can warn us from these type of disasters but sometimes the workplace can be ill prepared for these turn of events. In order to alleviate some of the mishaps that occur during a random power outage or rainstorm there are some helpful preparations that can be done to protect your employees and office space.


If you heard on the radio earlier in the morning that it was going to pour, be mindful throughout the day and remember to always save your work. This should be done regularly, but if you witness any clues like the sky turning black and the wind picking up, that's a big hint to save your work. If the lights start to flicker and you hear thunder that's another hint to save your work.

Most computer workers know that having a back up to your back up is the way to ensure you saved your work. It might seem a bit much, but there are way too many accidents that can happen so it's better to be safe than sorry. With that said, it's always a good idea to keep a hard-drive near by. Whether your backing up everything on your computer or the last job you did, at least you know that it's saved safely somewhere else and you can get back to it later.


In the event of a power outage it would be a good idea to keep flashlights near by, also don't forget to purchase some batteries. Unless you have a back-up generator you may be stuck in the dark for quite some time. That can be scary especially if you don't have any windows in your office. If for some reason there aren't any flashlights near by, next best thing is glow sticks or using your cellphone light. This will help everyone in being able to see where they are walking to in case of an evacuation.

Storing some water bottles is a great idea too. You never know if one of your employees may need some. If in worse case scenario your workplace becomes your shelter, water becomes a necessity to stay hydrated. We can live for 7 days just drinking water - so at least have that. Non-perishable foods should be considered as well.


In the event of a hurricane, move all employees away from the windows and try to get everyone into a room that has none. Windows are very dangerous because the wind can break them and shattered pieces will go flying everywhere. Any room with windows should be evacuated. High wind speeds, rain, and windows breaking can make for a very hazardous situation, get your people out of there and then consider moving the electronics into a safe room as well.

This is also the case if flooding were to occur. If this happens get everyone and everything to higher ground. If possible find a higher place to put your electronics too so that there is hope in saving files and important documents. Water can ruin everything so be mindful of materials that are important and needed in running your business.

The weather is constantly changing and can catch you by surprise - therefore be on your toes when you know a storm is a brewing and don't forget to alert your fellow co-workers. We hope these tips will at least give you some readiness in the workplace and we hope everyone stays safe this summer season!

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