New Year, New Services!

Published December 29th, 2016 by Unknown



Arrowmail is proud to be a very versatile company. Recently we noticed a need in the market for more template based systems. There is a demand for design templates to be available and for clients to have easier access. Therefore we are working now on Template Portals and Design for our clients. Our new online Template Portals will give clients mailers that are easy for them to modify and order.

Imagine signing on to your very own portal and having the option to swap out photos from an old mailer in order to create a new one. If it's a property that your advertising for a Just Listed Home, you can use the same mailer layout as before and change the photos to fit the new home you are selling. If it's a new product you are trying to sell - you can use the same layout and change the copy and photo. These templates save you time and help create a brand for your business. Once these Template Portals are created they also take out the graphic design cost of creating these pieces and it focuses on just the printing and mailing aspect - thereby reducing the total cost of sending your mailers.

Template Portals will be Coming Soon for our Clients. We are very excited about this new service and can't wait to see what everyone says about it. Please stay tuned for the Template Portal Launch date!

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