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Published January 12th, 2017 by Unknown


The National Change of Address is a service that we do here in Arrowmail Corporate Services. When you have a mailing list to send your mailers, postcards, or advertisements to, it is required by us and the USPS to run that list through the NCOA system. You may be asking yourself why? Well because there are many benefits to doing this. Below is a list of why you should regularly check your list with the NCOA service.

Perfecting Your List : People are always moving addresses and without the service you would not be able to double check if the address checks out. By checking your mailing list through the NCOA Service you reduce your undeliverable mail significantly. This service also keeps your list updated so that current and future mailings can be sent to the appropriate names and addresses.

No Wasted Money : If you do not run the NCOA service on your mailing list then you run the risk of wasting your money on mail that gets returned to you. Not only on returned mail but you also loss money on printing, addressing, and postage on those pieces that got returned to you. NCOA saves you from spending the extra money on the addresses that do not check out with the system.

Confidentiality : Worried about sharing your list with us? We completely understand this and that is why we can sign a confidentiality agreement that stops us from sharing or saving your lists for any reason.

The main reason NCOA is important is because it gets your mail to the correct name and address - your mail gets delivered. If you are interested in adding this service to your next mailings please speak with one of our Sales Representatives.

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