NAPM Conference 2016

Published March 16th, 2016 by Unknown


Arrowmail Corporate Services is always continuing to update its knowledge of the industry. Since our company offers varied services we strive to maintain contact with all levels of the industries we work with and our education never stops. We know it's very important to keep up with new technology and services. Every year we participate in the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) Conference. Our Engineering Manager, Raymond J. Hubbard attended this years NAPM Conference in Orlando, Florida along with many of our industries top influential members.

The theme this year was "Mail in Evolution - Practical Solutions for Electronic Verification." The agenda at this conference was directed towards many topics such as: Full Service, e-Induction, Seamless Acceptance, and Postage Assessment. Members of NAPM, including Arrowmail Corporate Services, come together to discuss these topics and changes in the mailing and presorting industry annually to better manage their own companies/businesses.


  • USPS is still working on their Seamless Strategies for mailers.
  • NAPM members account for 40% of First Class Mail!
  •  Arrowmail is working with the USPS to participate in Seamless Acceptance, getting your mail in the mail stream even quicker. USPS and its' vendors are working together to provide solutions ensuring Seamless Acceptance is working at the highest level possible for its' customers.
  • The USPS is formulating tools to be able to help document mail that isn't being read correctly (undocumented mail).
  • Tracking Services are being utilized with service codes like a GPS to better track mail all over the United States.
  • CASS certifications and NCOA services are being utilized and offered to customers as well.


  • The New USPS Promotions:
    • Irresistible Mail
    • BRM / CRM promotions
    • Informed Delivery &
    • Digital Responses
  • United States Publication formats for Mailing Requirements

As our industries grow, we know we need to remain ahead of all the changes. We at Arrowmail Corporate Services are strong believers that knowledge is power, which is why we are still going strong after 25 years! If you have any questions regarding the NAPM Conference or any new mailing/presorting requirements please do not hesitate to call us at 305.591.0024 or email us at

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