Hurricane Preparations

Published October 4th, 2016 by Unknown


Being from Miami we all know the drill when it comes to Hurricanes but we all have to make sure that we have the proper items to keep us safe incase of bad circumstances. Just as a reminder I've made a list of items that can help you in your preparations for Hurricane Mathews. 

  • PULL OUT CASH - Electricity can go out which means it can be difficult to access your banks if they don't have power. Go ahead and pull out some cash ahead of time just to be safe.
  • WATER - Buy a bunch of water bottles or buy the big gallon jugs. They say 1 gallon/person/day. You can never buy to much water and it is the most important product to obtain during a hurricane. 
  • CANNED FOODS - Buy enough canned foods to last you and your family 3-7 days. Canned foods such as tuna, beans, and soups are a great example. You cannot forget about your pets! Buy your dogs and cats dry pet food as well so they don't go hungry either. 
  • BATTERIES - Buy batteries for your flashlights, clocks, and radios. Make sure to buy plenty in different sizes so they can be used for all kinds of products. 
  • FILL YOUR TANK - It's important to fill up your Gas tank for your vehicles before the hurricane is set to hit. You never know what kind of emergency may lead you to drive but you can bet that gas stations will be closed.

Your best bet is to prepare ahead of time - setting up today would be best because it'll give you time to get everything you need before the Hurricane hits. You can never be too safe and all of these products will come in handy either way, so be smart and prepare now. Please be vigilant and safe these next couple of days.

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