How to Nail Your Direct Mail Marketing: 8 Tips To Ensure Your Mailers Stand Out

Published September 24th, 2020 by Devteam

Did you know that 73% of Americans would rather be contacted via direct mail? With so much advertising happening online, don't forget to market your company to the population who reads and appreciates physical pieces of mail. 

Direct mail marketing takes a few key skills. Keep reading for 8 tips to ensure success in your next direct mail marketing campaign, from specific design techniques to mailing logistics. 

1. Create Urgency

If there isn't a deadline, customers are less likely to act on the call to action in your mailing piece. Take fundraising for example.

Most donors prefer direct mail fundraising appeals because of their ability to convey a story and facts. Adding a layer in your mailed piece like, "5 Days Left to Give" is bound to drum up more donations for your organization. 

The same logic can be applied to companies that use direct mail to advertise. If you're advertising a coupon or discount, be sure to include the last day it'll work so shoppers are eager to save a few dollars and make those final purchases. 

2. Don't Look Like Spam

We've all gotten the mail after a few days and discovered layers of junk that are pretty meaningless to our age and needs. Interestingly, millennials are less likely to associate direct mail with junk and more likely to attribute that to email advertisements, so try to keep that specific demographic in mind when designing. 

Just to be safe, steer clear of these indicators that could confuse your piece with junk mail: 

  • Don't use a ton of exclamation points 
  • Don't use low-quality paper 
  • Don't use red very much
  • Don't address it to "friendly neighbor" or "resident of" 

You also shouldn't send mail too often.

3. Be Personal

Customers like to feel special. If you can, on every piece within your envelope, use the person's name. For fundraising appeals, include all the details needed on the return envelope, including pre-paid postage. It adds a layer of luxury and ease to the entire process. 

Your new customers are more likely to read your mailed piece if their name is on it and it looks like you put extra effort into the mailing project. As long as you have the data on former customers, you can even include information like their last purchase date or donation amount. 

4. Refine Your List

Keeping your mailing list lean and clean is incredibly important. You'll save money by not paying to resend to bounce-backs and you'll reduce waste.  

Targeted mailing is going to ensure that your direct mail campaign is successful. Start by combing through your own data and fixing any incorrect addresses. If you’ve receive any returned mail, find out why it was returned and or delete that contact from your list so that you’re not paying extra postage the next time you send out a mailer.  

5. First Impressions Matter

Remember that for some customers, this may be the first time they've ever seen your brand. You want to make a good impression to bring them into your circle, right? Right!

Use these design tips to ensure that they'll be WOWED by your direct mail advertising. 

  • Choose only two or three colors that match your branding 
  • Include graphics and logos that match your website and other marketing 
  • Keep text brief and to the point 
  • Don't overstuff with information 
  • Use enticing high resolution photos

You only have a few seconds where the recipient is engaged in your content. Millennials especially are going to be attracted to personalized, modern, minimalist designs. Keep this in mind next time you're creating a direct mail campaign. 

If you're feeling lost, our specialized design team can create a memorable piece for your campaign. 

6. Tell a Story 

With so many types of mailings available, from small postcards to full three-piece letters, every piece has to tell a short story in a matter of moments. Combine your best photographs and graphics with text that will spur the recipient into action. 

If you're a nonprofit company seeking donations, pull on the heartstrings and communicate how much your organization needs funds to build a local playground or support the animal shelter. Share quotes about how your work has bettered the community and always include links to online donations to appeal to all customers. 

For the local pizza place or online retailer, be sure your call to action is clear. Do you want people to dine-in or order takeout? Do you want people to visit your website or your store? Tell a story that clearly gives the consumer a proper direction. 

7. Give Them a Gift

If your direct mail marketing doesn't have any discount or special item, it's unlikely you'll gain new customers. Recipients want to know they're getting special treatment for opening your mail. 

Advertise an exclusive discount for recipients of that particular mailing. Maybe it's a free appetizer if they bring it to the restaurant or a discount on their first purchase. 

Keep your recipients engaged with something tangible: maybe a tear-off, a bookmark, or a magnet. Even if they don't keep the item for long, it's something that keeps your company top of mind. 

8. Handle the Logistics

Your direct mail campaign can only be successful if it's in the right hands. Learn when to certify your mail, which delivery speed to choose, and which size mailing project gives the best impression. 

To ensure this is all taken care of in the most efficient way, use our direct mailing services. Our experts know exactly how to maximize your presence with direct mail and many other printed materials.  

Increase Revenue with Direct Mail Marketing

Congratulations! You're ready to engage old customers, increase revenue, and build new relationships with your community. Now you can get started on your next direct mail marketing campaign. 

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