Health Insurance Marketing and Printing: Tips for Creating your Open Enrollment Kits

Published September 5th, 2019 by Devteam

Are you getting ready for open enrollment?

That’s the perfect time for insurance agents like yourself to land new clients for your business. In 2018, about 8.5 million people enrolled in new health care plans during the open enrollment period.

That presents a huge opportunity for you. You want to make sure that your health insurance marketing is ready to rock and roll come October 1st before your competition hits the market. 

An important part of your health insurance marketing should include creating updated welcome kits for your new clients. Read on to find out how you can produce open enrollment kits that look great and drive new clients to your business.

1. Know Why You Need an Open Enrollment Kit

What’s more important, getting new clients or retaining them? Hopefully, you said both. An open-enrollment kit lets you accomplish both at the same time.

Dealing with health insurance is murky for most consumers. Most people don’t truly understand what they’re buying. Your open enrollment kit should accomplish a few things.

The first thing is to educate the client as to what the health plan includes. Then you want to reassure them that they made the right choice, reintroduce your insurance agency and the services you offer.

2. What’s Your Brand?

Does your insurance agency have a brand? We’re not talking about your logo. Your brand is really the end result of someone working with you. It’s a promise and an emotional bond that people have with companies.

The reason why companies are so successful is that they have a strong brand that people can identify with. The logo is simply a visualization of the brand.

What does all of that have to do with an open enrollment welcome kit? Your job is to put your best foot forward with your new client. You want to be clear as to what your brand is because that is what will guide the rest of the process.

The best way to define a brand is to ask yourself one question: “How do you want clients to feel when they think of your insurance agency?”

Your answer will help dictate the design of the open enrollment kit and any other health insurance marketing materials.  

3. Keep the Design Clean

When you know your brand, it makes it much easier to create a design that aligns with the brand. Design is the result of images, spacing, and typography working together. These elements combine to create an impression in the mind of the reader.

You want to make sure that your design is clean. You want to use images that are relevant and take advantage of negative space. A design that tries to cram too much information in a brochure is hard to read an ineffective.

4. Include Information About the Client’s Program

At the heart of the open enrollment kit is information about your client’s program.

Remember, your open enrollment kit needs to remind your clients what they signed up for, help them understand it, and let them know they made a great choice.

The more educational and helpful you come across, the better. We know you don’t want to seem condescending, but by repeating what they have signed up for and explaining what their program benefits are, your client will understand better and appreciate the extra information given. This will help ensure that they actually understood what they signed up for. 

5. Offer Other Products and Services

After a person enrolls in health insurance with you, they may have other needs. You want to gently remind them that you offer more than health insurance.

Your clients may find it very convenient that they can have all of their insurance needs handled by one agency.

6. Make Your Contact Information Is Accessible

You want to make sure that your clients know that they can call you with any questions. You should include your contact information on any printed materials such as a brochure.

From a client’s perspective, that brochure is likely to go into a file somewhere, only to be looked at periodically.

An alternative is to have your contact information on a small card or a refrigerator magnet, or other promotional products. This is an extremely powerful way to keep your brand front and center all year long.

7. Typography Matters

There are two things at work when you choose the type for your open enrollment kit. You want to choose a type that fits your brand and you want to make sure that people can easily read it.

Knowing your brand is a big part of the process. It keeps everything consistent. For example, if you want people to feel safe and secure in their healthcare decision, use a font that is legible and clean. Using a rounded or playful font for your open enrollment kits will not give your prospective clients a good first impression.

8. Choose the Right Colors

Did you know that colors can trigger an emotional response? You want to make sure that the colors you choose match the emotional connection people should have with your brand.

In the case of health insurance agencies, blue is often used. It conveys trust and security, which is the connection you want to create for your clients.

Red creates a sense of urgency and yellow usually is associated with happiness.

Insurance Marketing Creates a Strong Impression

You may have already started talking about open enrollment. It’s never too early to talk about your open enrollment campaigns and preparations. After all, Starbucks pushed the release of its pumpkin latte to late August this year.

You want to be prepared to enroll clients because it’s great for business. At the first moment they sign up, your focus needs to switch to client retention. That is why your open enrollment welcome kit is a big part of health insurance marketing. By creating and preparing your open enrollment kits early and finding a vendor to help you print and mail, you can bet that you will retain more clients.

You want to remind your clients what they signed up for, who you are, and how you serve them. It lets them know that you’re there to help them with their health insurance needs.

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