Direct Profits: 7 Tips for More Successful Direct Mail Postcards

Published November 19th, 2019 by Devteam

The digital age is constantly evolving and surprising us, but there's still room for Direct Mail in people's lives.

Direct Mail remains to be one of the best marketing tools that we have. With more and more people cutting costs and going completely digital, a strong Direct Mail Campaign strategy can give your advertising a personal touch that you just can't get with email and messenger marketing.

In this post, we're going to give you seven tips for sending out Direct Mail postcards that'll bolster your sales numbers and give you a leg up on your competitors. It's time we give Direct Mail it's due; something that's been so relevant and successful for so long should always be appreciated!

1. Find Your Market

Unlike email marketing, Direct Mail marketing needs to be more specific. Instead of casting a wide net like you would with email marketing, Direct Mail works better when you have defined your target audience. 

Help your Direct Mail postcard reach the right folks, by collecting your own mailing lists. Use the data you have collected and mail to specific groups of people that will directly benefit from receiving your Direct Mailer. Another great alternative is to purchase a list, that specifically caters to your target audience. These services can combine all the demographics and criteria your looking for in a client and benefit your Direct Mail marketing efforts. 

2. A Focused Call to Action

Think about what you want your postcards to achieve. Turn that into a persuasive call to action so that you can see the direct results of your Direct Mail campaign. Make it clear to the customer what you need them to do by mentioning it on the postcard more than a few times.

It could be urging them to come into your store location for a sale or it could be getting them to give you a follow on your social media accounts. Because Direct Mail is more personal and tangible, customers are more likely to respond and follow through to the message.

3. Highlighting Benefits

Direct Mailers are particularly useful with product marketing. Highlight the benefits of responding to your call to action on the postcard. For example, you could print something like, "Bring this postcard into our shop and receive a free t-shirt!” or “Bring this postcard in to get a 10% discount on our services!”.

Giving your customers an incentive to follow the direction on the postcard will increase the likelihood of them buying something else from you.

If you're writing about one of your products, then center your writing around how it makes their life easier or better. Talking less about what features the product has and more about the benefits that the customer will see is an easy way to appeal to certain people.

4. Smooth Designs

Great graphic design is one of the hallmarks of a successful Direct Mail marketing campaign. Your mailer needs to stand out from the rest! If your postcard doesn't immediately grab the eye, then it's going to end up in the recycling with the rest of the junk mail. Hiring a designer to create your postcard mailer will help your business attract attention, in a positive way. 

Always make sure to design with your brand in mind! This is really important especially when you are sending out multiple postcard mailers to the same targeted audience. Keeping your brand colors, company logo and contact information the same on all mailers will also help those who are receiving your mailer, remember your brand. Soon they will start to recognize your company on their own and be more likely to call you regarding your services and/or products. 

5. Making It Personal

Applying Variable Data to your Direct Mailers is a great way to ensure a personal touch. One of the easiest forms of Variable Data is printing the customers name or company name directly onto the postcard itself. For example, “Dear John Doe, Please Join us for our latest product release in-store event!” 

Personalizing the postcards by using the names of your customers and highlighting products that are related to their past purchases will set you apart in their eyes. They will actually keep and respond to the mailers you’re sending them because they’ll be more interested.

6. Size and Features

Think outside the box when designing your Direct Mail postcards. There’s so much you can do like adding folds, die cuts, and printable technology to make your postcards more eye-catching. 

Flaps and folds allow you to have more information displayed on your Direct Mailer, which can give it a cleaner more attractive look. They'll also allow you to put more information without cluttering the space. You might put a QR code that, when scanned, shows the customer all of the deals that they can get or it can lead your customer directly to your website. 

7. Let Your Printer Mail for You

company like Arrowmail can provide the designing, the printing and the mailing duties for you. This really streamlines the entire Direct Mail campaign process. Rather than having them be designed by a graphic designer, printed at a print shop, then sent to a mailing house to distribute to customers, you can have it all consolidated and done in one place.

This takes all the stress out of a Direct Mail campaign, not to mention, it lowers the cost significantly. To get a quote for your postcard design, printing and mailing campaign, visit our website.

Direct Mail Postcards = Direct Profit

There are countless benefits to sending out Direct Mail postcards during your next advertising campaign. As long as you take some of these tips into account, you'll be guaranteed to see some fresh faces in your shop and fresh follows on your social media accounts. Just because the world's gone fully digital doesn't mean you have to.

At Arrowmail, we specialize in top quality printing, mailing, and design services for thousands of customers around the country and abroad. Contact us to discuss your marketing campaign with one of our dedicated customer service professionals and get your direct mail out to the right customers today.

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