Before the Storm

Published September 13th, 2018 by Unknown


Hurricane season is here and there is so much to do in order to correctly prepare your place of business. When a storm is threatening to strike your area, it is always to better to be safe, than sorry! Below is a list that will help you determine what needs to get done before a hurricane hits your place of business.


  • Save all your work on a Hard Drive and back up all your work on your computers.
  • Invest in a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Unplug all your electronics and machines to prevent surges and fires.
  • Move all electronics away from windows, incase windows break and rain comes inside.
  • If you can't move machines, cover them with a tarp to keep safe from wind and water damage.
  • Charge all your laptops and turn them off once fully charged.
  • Purchase a cellphone charger and car charger as backups to charge electronics.
  • Have a digital camera or a disposable camera ready to take before and after pictures of your property.
  • Secure building facility, making sure that all offices and departments have followed rules for machinery and backing up their systems.
  • Put storm shutters up around the facility windows to protect the building.
  • Let business clients know your plans for the Hurricane. Tell them what they can expect during and after the hurricane.
  • Test run all back up generators. Fill the fuel tank up for back up.
  • Fill all fuel tanks on vehicles. Replenish any storage tanks at all facilities.
  • Create a list of emergency personal contact numbers. Include on the list, home and cellphone numbers. Make sure to pass out this information to all members of emergency standby group.
  • Make a list of phones numbers from your electric and natural gas providers, and insurance provider.
  • Communicate with employees about the expectations after the storm.
  • Identify a representative to communicate with employees on when and where to report back to work after the storm.
  • Post information on website to update clients on what to expect.
  • Let employees leave early so that they may have time to prepare for the storm.
  • Have a customer representative be on call for clients to reach during the storm.

We hope this helps you in all your preparations before a hurricane strikes. Remember there are many things to follow up with after a hurricane hits. Please be attentive to the follow up process as well. Here is a list of the 4 Best Practices After A Hurricane.

Most importantly always remember to stay safe!

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