Arrowmail's Interview With Mercado De Dinero

Published May 11th, 2015 by Unknown

"Arrowmail and their secrets to make your business successful."

How to find the right customer and not fill the mailbox of one who is not interested? The Marketing Solution you were looking for...

One of the main secrets of any successful business is effective advertising. But how does on accomplish this without wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars each year?

The answer to this success is a Florida company, with very few similar in the US., Arrowmail Corporate Services. They are able to provide the name and address of clients, separated by zip code, occupation, annual income or any other demographic data interest including the location of businesses in the state and country. Helping customers target the right kind of business.

Arrowmail specializes in the design and printing of large volume projects and has the technology to automatically fill all variable data for the recipients at a lower price than the US Post Office.

"We do some of the work of the post office and that is why our prices are lower," says Cristina Fernandez, Founder and President of Arrowmail. "We share the discount they give us with customers, so they pay less." Another advantage, "from Board member, Carolina A. Echarte, noted that " This is a detail oriented busienss. We know all the requirememnts for mail and we mail in the most economical way possible." Customers sometimes produce "very pretty" designs that do not meet the standards of the United States Postal Office, they are more expensive and in some cases cannot be sent. To avoid these problems Arrowmail can design the product, the logo, or a total company rebranding. "But if you just want to print, we do that too," says Carolina.

Raul Echarte, co-owner of Arromwail, believes that "customer loyalty is the most important factor (...) I am proud to say that since 1991 we are a family run business and because of our honesty, we have grown, thanks to clients referrals'."

Through the Web Print, hundreds of real estate professionals have designed their advertising campaigns and "we will print and mail them. We want to be the solution to your advertising needs." Coming soon: Arromwail for other professionals to print and mail to potential customers.

Sales representative, Sheila Blanco, explains that "the doors are open for small and large projects from A to Z in printing and mailing services." The minimum volume for printing is 200 pieces, but Arrowmail distributes correspondence for over 300 thousand people daily.

Original Interview Written in Spanish by: Adriel Reyes

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