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Published September 11th, 2015 by Unknown


Last week in the Miami Herald there was an article regarding the U.S. Postal Service and their lack of meeting their own lower standards. Standard mail used to take 4-5 days to arrive and now through the USPS it's more like 5-7 days. We know as a Preferred Vendor of the Post Office that there are many steps that go into handling mail, much of which ends up taking a lot more time than it's suppose to, therefore these delays can be vital to our clients needs and delivery requests.

As a Mailing house ourselves we've known and seen these issues many times, which is why our system can be the best choice anyone makes in fulfilling the arrival of their mail on time. For example, at Arrowmail we do all of the processing and steps that the Post Office does but at a quicker and more efficient rate. Because we do the prepping and processing in-house, when we deliver your mail to the USPS it goes straight to the delivery outposts rather than getting processed again in the mail stream. This saves our clients so much time and their mail gets to their destination when it's suppose to.

We help the Post Office by completing those tasks. Our services becomes a win-win for the USPS and our customers by expediting the mail work flow.

To read the article on "Post Office can't meet its own lower standards" By Lisa Rein click here.

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