Arrowmail At Postal Customer Council 2015

Published September 25th, 2015 by Unknown


Today, Friday September 25, 2014 from 10:00 am - 2 pm Arrowmail Corporate Services will be attending the Postcal Customer Council 2015 Event. Joining us are other members from Miami-Dade PCC, PCC of Broward County, PCC of the Palm Beaches, and Treasure Coast.

What is PCC? This is a question you may be asking yourself right now… but PCC stands for The Postal Customer Council and it is a program that is available for large or small business mailers, including government agencies, business mail services providers and large/small business mailers. It allows for the USPS to communicate with businesses that work directly with their system. This event in particular provides companies like Arrowmail Corporate Services with information and best practice techniques.

The Information Taught at PCC Events:

  • Cost Effective Practices
  • Profitable Mailing 
  • Education 
  • & Training / Workshops

It is a great way to discover new tricks of the trade in order to make your mailings more efficient and also more profitable. This is achieved through networking with other mailers, business mail service providers and the USPS Executives that attend. It can teach those in the mailing industry how to better market themselves and their potential clients through mail, while also gaining knowledge on the latest postal products, services, and tools to improve mail quality. All of these can boost your professional skills and give your company more tools at hand to improve profitability, effectiveness, and efficiency with their own mailing systems.

Photograph Names from Left to Right:

Donna Jimenez- Account Representative at Arrowmail Corporate Services

Illiana Valdez - Post Office Representative for Arrowmail Corporate Services

Ivan Vargas - Senior Account Representative at Arrowmail Corporate Services

Learn more about The Postal Customer Council program by clicking HERE.

To sign up and become a member click HERE.

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