6 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Direct Mail Marketing

Published August 7th, 2019 by Devteam

Since computers have pretty much taken over the business world, a lot of marketers are under the impression that direct mail advertising is dying (if not dead) art. However, this is not the case. In fact, the advantages of using direct mail have been enhanced thanks to the digital wave coming in. 

Any company can use this form of advertising to capture more leads and convert them into customers. You just need to know how to use traditional forms of advertising in the modern world. Check out these 6 reasons why your company should be investing in direct mail marketing.

1. Mail is Always Relevant

There is something you can be certain of every single day of your life (except Sundays). It's the fact that the mail is going to be delivered directly to your home by the mailman. This is because it's a solid foundation of communication overseen by the government. It's legit and it’s here to stay.

This is why direct mail marketing will work for your company. Because no matter how many emails are in your inbox or digital products you download, there are still certified letters and physical products that can't just teleport to your house.

People still check their mailbox every day because they know that it is still a very important and familiar form of communication. Mail is and always will be relevant

2. Cost-Effective Advertising

Here's the thing, you'll always need to spend money on advertising if you want your business to continue to grow and thrive. But there are different forms of affordable advertising that don't require large amounts of money. Direct mail marketing gives you a higher chance of being seen by your ideal customer.

You can get an exact quote on how many pieces of mail will be delivered guaranteed. There's no guesswork. Typically, you could pay from a few cents up to a few dollars depending on how many pieces you're sending, how big they are and how far they're going.

But all of these details are things you would already know. You're not really taking a shot in the dark so controlling the price is much easier than a lot of other forms of marketing. And, again, the mail is guaranteed to make it to the home/address or at least be tracked down if it doesn't.

3. Physical Content Matters

Digital content is great for convenience, but humans seek connection through our five senses and touch is one of them. This is why there is still a great demand for physical content.

There's nothing like cracking open a fresh book and running your hands through the pages as your eyes glaze over the inked print. There is no doubt about it that most people still really love to hold and pay attention to physical literature.

People also like to organize and file mail to respond to each piece appropriately. Sending a direct mail marketing campaign allows your company to be remembered again during the organizing process.

4. High-Quality Targeting 

Direct mail marketing better targets your audience. Since you are targeting actual zip codes or specific demographics you will know housing values, income averages, details on ethnicity and information about general family structures in the area.

You can start to specify more and more until you pinpoint your ideal customer. Arrowmail can provide you with custom tailored lists to reach your dream customers. 

5. Unique Creative Freedom

One of the other benefits of direct mail marketing is the ability to get creative in your sales pitches.

Intrigue your customer with an odd-shaped envelope or personalize the piece with their name on it or give them samples to hold in order to pique their interest. These are just examples of how you can still be interactive and engage with customers through physical advertising. And this is an experience that you couldn't offer a curious prospect online.

6. Simple Process

Everyone knows how to send a letter. Arrowmail makes running a mail advertising campaign a pretty simple process since sometimes it's difficult to navigate your way around the internet but we know how postal services operates.

Using direct mail for advertising cuts out any technical issues you may run into when marketing online. It is also a seamless process that works well for audiences across various age groups. 

Looking to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Grow Your Company?

Traditional forms of advertising are still very relevant in today's world. Direct mail marketing shows people there is still value in a physical piece that they can hold and take with them. 

This is something your company should be taking advantage of in addition to actively marketing online. Feel free to contact us today to fulfill your printing and mailing needs for your business campaigns.

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