5 Strategies To Enact During COVID-19

Published July 7th, 2020 by Arrowmailadmin

As an essential business, Arrowmail Print + Mail Services has been open during the entire COVID-19 Pandemic here in South Florida. By trial and error and a bunch of research, we nailed down the top business strategies that best suited our business during the Coronavirus. We’d like to share with you some of the approaches we’ve taken during this difficult time, to continue working effectively and most importantly safely. 

Below you'll find the 5 Strategies to Enact During COVID-19:

1. Educating Employees 

Remind and encourage your employees to wash their hands several times throughout the day. Use disinfectant products with more than 60% alcohol to be sure of proper cleaning and make sure that they clean their workspace and their machinery when possible. This also mean making sure your employees are wearing a mask and continue to keep 6ft apart for proper social distancing practices. Print and Post signage with information regarding hygiene and any other safety measures you are taking in areas that are highly visible to continue reminding your employees of these rule. Ask us about printing your posters and other signage materials for your business. 

2. Continuously Cleaning 

This is the most important strategy to keep your employees and customers as safe as possible. The CDC Guidelines states that cleaning common areas, frequently touched surfaces, bathrooms, machines, phones, tablets, computer keyboards, cafeterias, break room and any other places that multiple people touch or use, is of the utmost importance. Cleaning multiple times throughout the day is the best strategy here. You also have to think of where your employees are most vulnerable. For example: Our truck drivers are the most at risk. This is because they leave the company to pick-up and deliver prints and mail to and from our customers. We knew early on that in order to keep our employees safe and our customers we had to clean our trucks and vans every day, along with the plastic trays, GPC’s and bins they use to pick-up and deliver items.

3. No Contact Policy

If your company deals with pick-up and deliveries, this policy will keep everyone safe. For us this meant that, our employees had to limit their interactions with our customers. Where ever possible, we asked our clients to leave their pick-ups/deliveries in a specific place where our drivers could pick-up/drop off the items and not have to come into contact with anyone. If possible and secured, somewhere outside was best, if not outside due to the security of the pick-up or deliver then somewhere in their office that is not frequently used by their employees. All our Drivers wear masks and gloves, and have cleaning supplies in their trucks or vans to help them stay safe during their routes.

4. Working Remotely In Shifts

Back in April, we implemented a month of shifting teams. We had a group that would work from home and a group that would work in the office, continuously shifting throughout the week. If you work in close proximity with other employees than this is a great way to help lessen the risk of spreading germs. This also ensures that if one person from Team A gets sick then all the members from that team would stay home and get tested. Team B would likely not be infected and would be able to work in the office while the other group is working from home and/or getting better. After re-evaluating and implementing safety measures for social distancing while at work, we started coming back into the office full time. There are many approaches here, but whichever you choose make sure it works best for you, your business and your employees.

5. Determining Cut Backs

Although it’s not an easy decision to make, if you are not making as much money as before, cutting back will help you save wherever you can. First you must think about all the different ways you can cut back and save money. An easy example could be cutting back on your energy usage like turning off the lights more often, programming you’re A/C unit for best energy savings, maintenance costs and turning off your machines when you’re not in the office. Harder and more effective decisions may mean cutting back hours of work, taking a percentage of employee pay and putting it back into the company, or even letting go of employees.


Every business functions differently so it’s important to research and make a plan that works best for you and your employees. These are just some of the strategies we applied in our Pandemic Virus Response Plan. We hope that after reading these tactics, there is something here that will help your business stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you have any other questions about what we’ve done during this time, we’d be more than happy to talk and share our story with you. Please contact us at 305-591-0024 or email us at

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