5 Qualities to Look for in the Best Printing Company

Published October 29th, 2020 by Devteam

They say print is dead—but it's been proven that this is far from the truth.

Print is more important now more than ever. Especially in a world where so much digital content surrounds us, print allows customers to interact with companies individually, without much distraction.

To captivate your customers, you need to make sure that you do it right.

On your search for the best printing company to create your pieces, there are a few key points to look out for. If your chosen printing companies don't have these qualities, it's time to keep looking for a better choice!

1. Exceptional Customer Service

From the moment you make the first contact with a printing company, you should be greeted with exceptional customer service.

Whether it's through email or the phone, the representative should be kind and helpful. As the customer, you should feel that your concerns and needs are being addressed.

Through every step of the way, you should experience great service.

Many companies will give you one single point of contact. This contact should be your go-to for any questions, concerns, or updates.

Instead of contacting many people, you can speak to your assigned representative directly.

Customer service also comes down to the delivery of your material.

It should be ready by the deadline that you've agreed upon and checked for quality before being sent out. The company should also make sure that you're satisfied with the finished product. It's important that they never send anything out without your approval.

When choosing a company, you should feel happy with the customer service that you receive.

2. A Range of Services

When searching for a business advertising printer, it's important that you look for one that can accommodate all your needs.

If you go to them for business cards, you can also ask if they'll do direct mailing, flyers, or even letterhead printing. The more printing services that they can offer you the better.

Finding a quality printer that can do this can check many of those to-do list items off your list. Instead of searching for many companies that can do this, you'll be able to stick with one instead.

You should also inquire about design services. A good printing service should be able to offer this service to you as well.

Often, they'll be able to design logos, ads, and general graphic design services. This makes it even easier for you, as you don't need to have a designer on hand to do it for you.

The other advantage of this is that the in-house designer will know the ropes. This includes the formats, color spaces, and sizes needed to make everything work.

You should also look into fulfillment. If the service can also fulfill the finished product, it will get on the ground and into your customer's hands much quicker.

Before choosing a business advertising printer, you should look for all these services. It will make your campaign much easier.

This is why a printer that offers many services is one of the best qualities to look for.

3. Expertise

When speaking with a printing company, you should feel that they have expertise in the trade. You want to make sure that they know what they're doing.

To start, a long time in business is usually a good indicator of quality service. Here at Arrowmail, we've been in business since 1991.

You can also ask for certifications. This is one of the best ways to verify that the company has the expertise needed for your job.

Speaking with the employees can also help you to gauge expertise. If they use an industry term that you haven't heard before, you can ask them to explain what that means.

This shows that they not only know what they're talking about but also that they're happy to help you as well.

Using these tips, you can verify that the printing company has the expertise needed to succeed.

4. Product and Service Quality

One of the most important qualities that you should be looking for in printing companies is the quality of their service and prints.

When it comes to the prints themselves, you want to make sure that they're top quality. For example, a printed business card shouldn't be too flimsy and the ink shouldn't wipe off easily.

If the quality of the product is not up to par, it may not be a good idea to work with them.

You can ask for samples to do a quality check for yourself. It's a common practice in the industry to provide this for clients.

The design quality should be good as well. You don't want a flyer to look cluttered and messy, for example. The graphic design should be appealing and eye-catching, never too busy.

You should also verify the quality of their service as a whole. Do they deliver on time? Do they deliver on their promises?

If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then they are probably a quality printing company to work with.

5. Fair Pricing

Many customers want the best quality printer for cheap, but a sign of a good service is when they have pricing that is fair.

It's never a good idea to seek out a printer just based on price because if you go cheaper, the quality will reflect this. When searching, be sure that you're paying enough to get a quality product.

You can set yourself a budget for your company and find a service around your specific budget. Or you can ask for pricing from your chosen printing service and budget around that.

It is possible to get a quality product for a fair price!

Finding the Best Printing Company in Miami, Florida

When choosing the best printing company, there's a lot to consider. Doing your research will always benefit your business.

Are you still wondering where you can find a printer with these qualities? Look no further!

Here at Arrowmail, we're happy to provide you with all the above qualities. No matter what your next job is, we can handle it.

Ready to get started? Be sure to contact us today to get started on your next project!

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