4 Ways Printing and Fulfillment Services Can Save Your Business Money

Published October 18th, 2019 by Devteam

Every business is always looking to get ahead by cutting costs and maximize revenue. The American Dream is achievable but no matter what, all executives look for are ways to cut down on costs, in fact they love to find ways to save money.

Executives are always looking for ways to cut out the clutter in their business operations and look for alternative means to produce the best results.

That’s why hiring a company with both printing and fulfillment services would be your best idea yet!

With all the printing and fulfillment needs of a modern office, the costs can pile up quickly and the numbers may astound you.

Here are 4 ways printing and fulfillment services can cut costs for your business! 


“But why would I need to pay for a company to oversee my printing and fulfillment services?” You may ask yourself. Keep reading below for all the reasons this could be the best decision you make all year!


Are you currently leasing any equipment? Equipment such as printers, inserters and metering machines can all be very costly. Not only do you have to pay for their lease agreement, but you also have to pay for the maintenance and the laborers for those machines to run. Finding a printer and fulfillment company can help alleviate those costs by doing the work for you. Save your money and let them handle the costs to produce your jobs.


Machines cannot run themselves; they need people to do that and make everything run smoothly. Hint, hint, this now means you have to be concerned with labor costs. If you cut down on the purchasing of new machines, then you won’t need to hire someone to run it.

A printing and fulfillment company has their own trained personnel to run all the equipment. You also can’t put a price on knowing you’re sending your printing, fulfillment and mailing jobs to a company that is knowledgeable in that type of work. Having a printing and fulfillment service handle this for you also means less time and money is spent on figuring out how to produce your projects on your own.  


We’ve talked about the equipment and how you need workers to run the equipment, now let’s talk about the space needed for both of those things. Some of these machines are huge and some of them require more than one person to run them. Now imagine all the money it would take to not only pay for the equipment and labor costs, but now add the office space needed for all of this to work. This can cost an arm and a leg for your business.

Hiring a printing and fulfillment service saves you a ton of money on this alone. They already have the machines, workers and office space needed to fulfill those jobs for you. Partnering with a professional printing and fulfillment service means you no longer need to pay for an office space to keep all of those machines.


Not many people realize how many supplies are needed in order to run a printer, inserter, and meter machine properly. You’ll need color inks, toners, paper, envelopes, and cleaning supplies. All of these items can start to add up quickly, especially if you’re running these machines every day or even once a week. Oh, and don’t forget the most important consumable, electricity. Your electricity bill will immediately increase once you lease equipment and run the machines. Not to mention how hot the machines make the space. You’ll need to pump the AC in order to keep your consumables useful and the printers in good condition.

All the more reason to outsource your printing and fulfillment jobs because they are already aware of this. They can account for all the consumables needed to run and use on all the machines because they’ve already been doing it. 


After reviewing all of the above, the main question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it worth all these costs to produce large printing, fulfillment and mailing jobs on our own?” The answer is No! Imagine all the extra money you could keep if you outsourced this work to a professional printing and fulfillment service.

Leave it to the professionals, who do this every day! Now that you know how a true printing and fulfillment company can save you a ton of money, it’s time to get one on your side!

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