4 Best Practices After a Hurricane

Published August 21st, 2017 by Unknown

Arrowmail is a Miami Based business with a complete disaster recovery plan for our clients. We are always aware of the natural disasters than can occur living here. Many forget the problems that can happen during these natural disasters and that's why it's best to have a plan in order to help prepare your business for the quickest recovery. Having a quick recovery is crucial to the success of your company.

To help your business bounce back as quickly as possible:


  • Look for the cause of damage
  • Check the structure of your building and possible damages to your facility
  • Make sure to record all damages for insurance claims and for your own records
  • Take photos of videotape all the damages in your facility to keep on file and for insurance claims


  • Cover all your machinery with tarps or plastic covers
  • Unplug all electronics
  • Board up all windows in your facility: use Hurricane shutters or planks of wood
  • If there is a damaged area, block it off so employees do not mistakenly walk through the area
  • All of the above is an insurance requirement so make sure to protect your property


  • Create a Task Force to build up revenue again after damages have been incurred
  • Select business managers, operations managers, to help in the recording of damages for insurance policies
  • Managers should record the potential business and physical loss in their departments
  • Have your Sales Team reassure clients that precautions and measures are being taken to protect further from damage - be in constant interaction to keep them in the know


  • If need be get a second opinion, seek help from a lawyer, an engineer, or an accountant or someone who can help track and keep records of loss and cost estimates
  • This benefits your business because they make the process less complicated in working with your company and insurance representatives
  • Seek out companies that are beneficial to you during a natural disaster such as Arrowmail Corporate Services.



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